The best hats you should add to your wardrobe. 

When we think of style, the first thing that comes to mind is the clothes we wear. Of course, clothes play a huge role in determining our style. They make up the majority of our outfits and help emphasize our taste. Whether we like to be classy and chic, modern, traditional, or quirky, we can show it all off with the clothes or gant shirts we choose. However, even though the clothes are the majority of our outfit, our clothes can look bland and incomplete without a choice selection of accessories, no matter how much we’ve invested in them. If you want to make sure all eyes are on you every time you step out for a special occasion, make sure you have the best accessories to go with your outfits. Of course, there can be no accessory that is eye-catching as the ever humble, yet extremely versatile hat. Hats are something that you can wear, no matter what the occasion or the season is. If you’re looking for a hat that can make you stand out, keep reading below. 

Why you should get a hat 

Sure, a hat isn’t a necessity for your outfit. However, if you want to look thoroughly put together and on the mark, adding a hat isn’t a part you can skip. Of all the accessories, a hat can really help elevate your look and add an essential touch of finesse and personality to it. Furthermore, it can be a unique accessory to add, and if you do it right, you can find that the compliments never stop coming. All in all, if you feel your outfit looks too drab and want to give it extra flair, consider adding a hat. However, it’s always essential to pick a hat that suits the theme of your outfit and be appropriate for the occasion and the weather.  

The best unisex design  

If you’re looking for a hat that can give you that androgynous look, the Akubra Avalon can be the perfect pick. This hat comes in one of the most classic designs around, and a design that you can style up or down depending on the occasion or your mood. It can give a relaxed air to your outfit without compromising on class and it can be a really fun, quirky yet timeless addition to anything that you’re wearing. Of course, the Akubra Avalon hat comes only in the most premium materials, which makes it not just extraordinarily comfortable but luxurious as well. If you’re looking for a hat that you can wear no matter what the occasion, this can be the perfect pick for you. 

The dream for the rodeo rider 

If you want to make sure that you enter the arena in style, get your hands on the Akubra Arena hat ASAP. Designed in the classic American cowboy style, this hat features luxurious satin lining as well as a wide brim. This isn’t just a hat to wear in the rodeo, though. It can be perfect for themed get together where you want to put in that extra effort. In addition to this, it can also be the perfect pick for those scorching summer days when all you need is just a little extra cover! This hat is designed to last you a really long time, as it is made with only the most premium materials. No matter how long it’s been, an Arena hat can really spice up your look and give you that extra flair. 

Bottom line 

If you’re looking to spice things up in terms of your dressing, get your hands on a luxurious, elegant hat. Any hat that you purchase from Blowes Clothing can absolutely be worth every penny that you spend, and you can be sure to get compliments pouring in. Whether you’re looking to jazz up your everyday outfits or looking to get something special for the rodeo, and Blowes Clothing, you can find the best choices. In addition to hats, in the massive catalogue of Blowes Clothing, you can find numerous pieces to put together the perfect outfit that shows off who you are and makes you stand out.  


Practice safe drinking during quarantine!

Alcohol has been part of society for thousands of years now. We can date commonly used drinks all the way back to ancient Chinese times. Though they were mostly limited to just ales and wine, over the next few centuries, spirits and elixirs would make their presence felt throughout the world. Other than that, alcohol has become somewhat of a social phenomenon in the past few centuries. Not only has it been used to dull the senses when the going gets tough, but it has also made its place in our hearts as a social agent which can help bring people together. 

As with all things, excessive amounts of consumption can lead to negative consequences. Liver and brain damage are commonly reported side effects with the consumption of alcohol in large amounts and for extended periods of time. Moreover, alcohol intoxication has caused several deaths in one way or another around the world. Be it through automobile collisions or various others actions done under the influence, there is not denying that there is a negative side to the drink when abused.  

This is one of the major reason why minors are kept away from the drink. The younger they are the, lower their tolerance is going to be to the effects of the drink. Moreover, minors are significantly more irresponsible when it comes to drinking, hence the reason a legal age has been set for the purchase and consumption of alcohol. However, if you are of age and are looking to get yourself a few bottles to get you through quarantine, consider checking out Nicks, as they have a vast variety of all kinds of drinks from which you can choose. The company was established in 1958 and has since been serving the community with whatever drinks they need starting off as a wine merchant, the company then grew and branched out into a retail business and has since made a fairly stable place for themselves in market. 

Whiskey. Neat 

Whiskey is one of the most commonly had alcoholic beverages around the world. Once considers “The Man’s Drink” has now become a preferred drinks for just about anyone, regardless of gender boundaries. One of the most commonly drunk brands of whiskey in the world is surely Jack DanielsI nice shot of jack in the evening is a great way to end the day for just about anyone. They say one of the best ways to consume your whiskey is drinking it neat. No ice, no diluents, nothing. Consuming it neat is a great way to savor the taste which develops after fermenting the drink for decades. Consider going neat next time you are having a glass of the brown stuff, you might just appreciate it a bit more! 

Red wine, what can be better? 

Red wine has a significance in several aspects of our lives. One of the major aspects is the fact that it acts as somewhat of a medicinal tonic for the aging population. Middle age is a time where doctors consider prescribing a glass of wine every evening as it has a number of health benefits especially for your heart. Moreover, let’s not forget the effects red wine can have on a nice romantic date. There is nothing a fine bottle of red wine can do for a nice fancy date. Consider a bottle of leeuwin estate art series cabernet sauvignon. A fancy bottle of wine, is going to set a great impression for your outing. Moreover, who doesn’t love a great tasting bottle of wine right? 

We suggest that you check out their website to gauge what they are all about. This will also give you a chance to check out what all they have on their shelves and maybe give you more of a variety than you originally anticipated. Moreover, take advantage of their home delivery facility during this time. We understand that it may be hard to stay home during this time but it is imperative for your health and that of others around you. Have whatever you want delivered to you for a nominal delivery charge depending on your order! 


3 Reasons to take your Old Ride to Toyota Wreckers

There are many people who still have not parted ways with their years old 4×4 vehicle. Every time you go to your garage, you probably think that why you even have that junk still lying around when it is of absolutely no use? Well, now you do not have to anymore. If in the past you did not get rid of it because you did not want to give away your old ride at the junkyard for almost free, then now you can directly go to none other than Toyota land cruiser wreckers to part ways with it. Why give it to a regular junkyard when you can directly give it to the manufacturers? They are going to completely scrap up your old ride and reuse it, but not only that you are also going to get paid for it. Sounds too good right? Who would have thought that the old car which stopped working years ago would actually help you get some cash? Well it is as true as it sounds and if you did not part ways with it in the past then it is time you start to consider doing so now. 

The garage is used for a number of different purposes, and if you have a huge body of a 4×4 vehicle lying around in it, then you probably do not have space to do anything else. However, once you get rid of it then you would have all the space you need to engage in your different DYI projects and what not. So, what are the five reasons to take your old ride to Toyota 4×4 wreckers in Brisbane? Let us see. 

Free up the Space 

We all know that how distracting it can be if we want to carry out a project and have to do it inside the house. Every now and then someone would come and get in your way. Moreover, you would have to constantly worry about cleaning things up every day to wrap things up. If you have free space in your garage, then you would not have to worry about either of these things. This is why take your ride to Toyota land cruiser wreckers and free up the space in your garage so you can utilise it for other things. 

Extra Money 

Not even in your wildest dream you would have thought how your old 4×4 would become a source of cash for you. We all would feel sceptical about parting ways with something we share so much nostalgia with, especially if it is for a few bucks at the junkyard. However, if you take that 4×4 directly to the Toyota 4×4 wreckers then the story is going to be entirely different. You would easily be able to earn a significant amount of extra cash depending on the condition of your car. Moreover, before you do take your car to the wreckers, you might want to check if there is anything of value in it because once it is gone, it is gone. If you have a GPS system in that car, then you might want to remove it because that can also be sold for some additional money so that is just a heads up. 


If you take your car to Toyota wreckers then you might not know this, but it would surprise you how much the environment would benefit due to this one small action. If it is laying in the garage then it would be of no use, however, once you give it to the wreckers, they would recycle it and considering how many tons of harmful gasses are emitted when manufacturing car bodies from scratch, your old car would play a huge role in minimising that. 

You may have not guessed how much you would benefit by bidding farewell to your old ride, but you do now. So, do consider going to Toyota land cruiser wreckers especially if you want to free up your garage. One final tip that you should still keep in mind though is before you do take your old ride do check it properly to see if there are any important documents underneath its seats or anywhere else which you may have dropped at some point, other than that, you are good to go.