Types of duplex design houses

Home is the place where dreams are built. It is the place where memories are made and where moments are lived. This is the reason that people spend their lifetime savings in constructing their family home. A home; where they can feel comfortable to live in with their family members. Lot of things and characteristics need to be added to construct a quality home like it should be built in such a  way that it would be well ventilated, it must be built with good quality of constructional materials, no compromise shall be done in kitchen and bathroom designing and so on. Another important thing that must be looked upon is that it perfectly fits the needs of your family. If your family constitutes of larger number of family members then duplex home are going to be the right choice for you as they are more spacious and it generally gives you more advantages. In this article; we will be discussing about duplex homes and different types of duplex designs in Melbourne. 

Stages involved in the process of construction: 

We know that the process of construction is a complicated one that requires whole lot of effort. This process is completed in about five to six steps beginning with the step of initiation in which the layout of the sketch is laid and the concept is presented. After that; plan is executed in which architects and all other related people who are going to be the part of the particular project are contacted with.  Then the foundation is laid and the execution of the project is initiated. Once the structure has been completed then the finishing touches are applied and final fittings are done.  


Many professionals are involved to complete a particular project or building; this group of professionals might vary from engineers to contractors and so on. One such group of professionals are known draftsmen. A Draftsman is the professional who is expert in drawing designs in computer or any other digital medium. He is like an architect but of a modern time period; who draws and designs all of his sketches on the softwares (Computer aided designs). They have expertise in multiple areas including construction, engineering; architecture and so on.     

Quality homes:  

What is the description of quality home for you? Is it the one with lot of space? Or is it the one that is constructed with good quality of constructional materials? Well; for us quality comes first and obviously we try to make the home as spacious as possible in a particular piece of a land. The characteristic of a perfectly made house is that it is constructed in such a way that the house will remain well ventilated. It can be extended whenever required and the spaces are made in a well proportional way. If you want to live in spacious home then you should opt for the duplex designed house. 

Duplex designed house and its types: 

duplex designed house is built in way that it has two living units; each constituting of all the rooms that a single house unit requires. There is one type of duplex house that is stacked upon one another in a way that two individual families can live in that house without having to disturb the second one. The second type of duplex house is the one in which two units are joined together with an adjoining wall and two individual families can comfortably live in either of the unit. These types of duplex designed house can further be categorised on the basis of single joining garage and so on.  Such houses (duplex design) prove to be quite beneficial as they can be given for rent and provides the space for multiple family housing. In addition to that; you get help in mortgage as well due to the duplex home.  


Home is the place where dreams are built which is why no compromise shall be done with the construction of your home. The process of construction takes various steps to be completed beginning with the laying of foundation and ending with final fittings. Draftsman based in Melbourne are the professionals who draw the designs on computer. The designs of duplex houses can also be built by them. There are two main categories of duplex houses. “Sketch building design” provides the best services of draftsmen for the construction of duplex design houses.  

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