5 Things you need to know about Bamboo Reusable Coffee Cups

It can be said without a doubt that coffee is one of the most popular drinks in Australia. Whether you are just starting up your day or ending it the chances are you would purchase a good warm cup of coffee. At first, you might not think about it, but when we take things into perspective, there are countless people who drink coffee every day in those one-time to be used plastic cups which are then thrown away. Roughly there are at least 300 billion cups of coffee that are being disposed of every year into the environment and you would be surprised to know how much harm they are causing especially to the wildlife. This is why it is important that we come up with a better and more sustainable solution that can not only help us satisfy our coffee cravings but also promotes recycling, and that is where the bamboo reusable coffee cups come into play. Nowadays there are many campaigns which advocate against the use of plastic, so it is only natural that we have to find an alternative as well. Fortunately, bamboo is the plant which proves to be the perfect replacement for plastic coffee cups. So, why bamboo cups are actually better? In this article, we will be going over five things that you need to know about bamboo reusable coffee cups. 


It should not come as a surprise that we are putting reusability at the top of our list. After all, one of the main reasons we advocate switching to bamboo coffee cups is so you are able to save nature and wildlife. As we previously mentioned that every year we roughly throw away 300 billion cups of coffee. If instead of purchasing those one-time plastic coffee cups, we opted for bamboo reusable coffee cups, imagine how big of a difference we would be able to make. On average a person drinks about 2 cups of coffee a day and when you multiply that by a year you are easily throwing 700 such cups into the environment. So, if you are thinking a single person cannot make a difference, then you should take the initiative since it can certainly make an impact. 

Rapid Growth 

Another major reason why bamboo proves to be the perfect substitute for plastic cups is because of how fast it grows. There are some species of bamboo which can grow at least one meter a day so, this is an indication that we should not have a problem when it comes to the supply of bamboo. Moreover, when you take into account how strong and resilient this plant is, it would serve to be the perfect contender for your morning cup of coffee. 

Organic Source 

Over the years there have been many studies which have proven that heat and plastic generally do not go well together and can even become a cause for cancer. This is why the next time you are pouring that hot coffee into a plastic cup you should take into account how much safer the bamboo reusable coffee cups are, as compared to plastic. Bamboo is a biodegradable and natural material so you would not have to worry about any health risks associated with its use. 

Closable Lids 

One of the main reasons why people opt for plastic cups is because they have closable lids which make it more convenient for people to store their coffee. This is one of the reasons why so many companies are also making cups completely made from bamboo which also contain closable lids. So, if the lid was the only reason you were not switching to bamboo reusable coffee cups, then now you have got your reason to do so. 

Aesthetic Designs 

If colours and aesthetic designs have always attracted you, then you are in luck because companies who sell bamboo coffee cups do not only provide them in a variety of different eyecatching designs but also, you could come up with your own colour theme and print. This could either be a motivational one-liner, or a picture of one of your favourite superheroes. So, these coffee cups certainly open a whole new window for creativity and can be a great way to reflect your personality in front of others.