Practice safe drinking during quarantine!

Alcohol has been part of society for thousands of years now. We can date commonly used drinks all the way back to ancient Chinese times. Though they were mostly limited to just ales and wine, over the next few centuries, spirits and elixirs would make their presence felt throughout the world. Other than that, alcohol has become somewhat of a social phenomenon in the past few centuries. Not only has it been used to dull the senses when the going gets tough, but it has also made its place in our hearts as a social agent which can help bring people together. 

As with all things, excessive amounts of consumption can lead to negative consequences. Liver and brain damage are commonly reported side effects with the consumption of alcohol in large amounts and for extended periods of time. Moreover, alcohol intoxication has caused several deaths in one way or another around the world. Be it through automobile collisions or various others actions done under the influence, there is not denying that there is a negative side to the drink when abused.  

This is one of the major reason why minors are kept away from the drink. The younger they are the, lower their tolerance is going to be to the effects of the drink. Moreover, minors are significantly more irresponsible when it comes to drinking, hence the reason a legal age has been set for the purchase and consumption of alcohol. However, if you are of age and are looking to get yourself a few bottles to get you through quarantine, consider checking out Nicks, as they have a vast variety of all kinds of drinks from which you can choose. The company was established in 1958 and has since been serving the community with whatever drinks they need starting off as a wine merchant, the company then grew and branched out into a retail business and has since made a fairly stable place for themselves in market. 

Whiskey. Neat 

Whiskey is one of the most commonly had alcoholic beverages around the world. Once considers “The Man’s Drink” has now become a preferred drinks for just about anyone, regardless of gender boundaries. One of the most commonly drunk brands of whiskey in the world is surely Jack DanielsI nice shot of jack in the evening is a great way to end the day for just about anyone. They say one of the best ways to consume your whiskey is drinking it neat. No ice, no diluents, nothing. Consuming it neat is a great way to savor the taste which develops after fermenting the drink for decades. Consider going neat next time you are having a glass of the brown stuff, you might just appreciate it a bit more! 

Red wine, what can be better? 

Red wine has a significance in several aspects of our lives. One of the major aspects is the fact that it acts as somewhat of a medicinal tonic for the aging population. Middle age is a time where doctors consider prescribing a glass of wine every evening as it has a number of health benefits especially for your heart. Moreover, let’s not forget the effects red wine can have on a nice romantic date. There is nothing a fine bottle of red wine can do for a nice fancy date. Consider a bottle of leeuwin estate art series cabernet sauvignon. A fancy bottle of wine, is going to set a great impression for your outing. Moreover, who doesn’t love a great tasting bottle of wine right? 

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