Variety of antique drawer knobs

Are you also fond of things that have an antique touch to them? Do you admire the quality and look of the antique objects? If so; then you have come to the right place because this is the article, in which we are going to discuss about the variety of antique collection that can be installed in your furniture. Even a slight addition or a slight touch of antiquity can enhance the whole look of the object or an item. Let us take an instance of your kitchen cabinets; if you have a traditionally designed kitchen or a lavish styled kitchen then the installation of antique knobs to its drawers is surely going to improve the look of your kitchen. Such things like knobs and hooks are counted as accessories which area even though not essential for the functioning of kitchen but surely can improve its performance. There are accessories for kitchens, bathrooms and every other thing that we own. In this article; we will be discussing about the variety of antique drawer knobs, towel hooks in Australia and other such mesmerising kitchen & bathroom accessories. 

Kitchen and bathroom accessories:  

Kitchens and bathrooms are undoubtedly two of the most used rooms of every household. This is the reason that people pay extra attention to these two rooms while they are being constructed so that they can fit into their needs perfectly. On one hand; kitchen fulfils our hunger needs and on the other hand bathroom fulfils our hygienic needs. There are some necessities that every kitchen and bathroom must have in them. In case of bathroom; these necessities include basin, flush and shower area. In case of kitchen; these necessities compromise of sink, stove and other such installations. Then there are some such accessories that improve the functioning and the whole look of the place. Bathroom accessories might vary from towel hooks to toilet roll holders and kitchen accessories vary from drawer knobs to lip pull handles.  

Towel hooks: 

Let us discuss about; one such accessory of bathrooms which have become almost as essential as any necessity. As the name implies; these hooks are installed to hang towels and other such cloth pieces on them. These hooks are convenient to use and helps in saving the space. It is always recommended to buy the good quality hooks as they not only give the stylish look but are also long lasting. You can select the type of towel hook as per your bathroom’s styling and colour tone. The collection of towel hooks that our store “I grab” owns is London robe hook square matt black, round robe hook brushed brass and many other such hooks are available which you can find in our collection.   

Antique drawer knobs: 

There are many different styles of kitchens which include traditional kitchen style, classic kitchen style, one sided wall kitchen, modern kitchen and so on. You can add to the style and functioning of your kitchen by installing different types of kitchen accessories in it. One such type of accessory is known as drawer knobs. If you own a lavish kitchen style or a traditional one then antique drawer knobs is going to be the best choice for you. There is the variety of these drawer knobs which are firsts divided into three main types, namely; antique brass, antique copper and antique pewter drawer knobs.  

Antique brass drawer knobs are yellowish brown in colour and their collection consists of kitchen cabinet & cupboard handles, Hampton and vintage kitchen drawer handles. Antique copper drawer knobs are bronze in colour. Then there is antique pewter knobs are white to silver in colour. Their collection comprises of kitchen cabinet handles, kitchen drawer handle, and kitchen swivel cabinet handles and so on. 


If you want to give a new look to your kitchen or improve its functioning then you can begin with replacing the kitchen cabinet and drawer handles with the new yet antique style. Even though; these knobs or handles work as an accessory but their stylish look and their handy performance make them of great use. Another such useful accessory that can be installed in your bathrooms is the towel hooks. “I grab” provides the best quality of accessories for bathroom and kitchens like antique drawer knobs, towel hooks.      

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