What are the Main Reasons that Women Must Watch Increased Weight?

We know that no one like to be overweight. Regardless of gender, increased weight is a problem for every human being. It proves as the core of multiple diseases in the human body. If we specifically talk about women and, increased weight results in low self-esteem and shaken confidence. An overweight woman always gets bullied at school, home, or workplace. Many reasons result in increased weight.  

Medical Issues 

Going on a crashed diet does not affect if there are underlying health issues. Increased weight can cause multiple diseases in women. Let us have a look at the common issues that women face due to being overweight.  

  • PCOS 

Polycystic ovarian syndrome has become so common in girls and women of all age groups. Women who are suffering from PCOS know the struggle. When we get the menstrual cycle, it takes out the toxic blood from our bodies. When we do not bleed, the blood takes the form of clots to stick to the walls of ovaries, which is not good for women health.  

  • Thyroid 

We all know that we have multiple hormones in our bodies that help in functioning. The thyroid hormone is related to the pituitary gland. There are two types of the thyroid. 

  1. Hypothyroidism 
  2. Hyperthyroidisms 

They both result in increased weight in the women. Moreover, if the value of TSH is high or low, a woman cannot conceive. It makes women infertile.  

  • Diabetes 

Diabetes is the most painful disease that anyone could experience. Consuming sugary items in excess amounts results in a high level of sugar in the body, which causes diabetes. Some people experience gain in weight diabetes could be a culprit.  

  • Infertility 

The main cause of infertility is weight gain. Consuming less amount of protein in a diet can also cause infertility. A woman wants kids and becomes a mother and, it is the ultimate wish of every woman. Weight gain can become a huge barrier to getting pregnant. Female fat burners help in reducing weight. 


  • Irregular Periods 

Many women face issues in getting their monthly cycle. They experience less flow of blood sometimes; they do not get them on time. When a woman misses the period cycle, it results in body swelling. Moreover, the fat in the body causes irregular periods. It is advisable to maintain weight as the majority of overweight face irregular period issues.  

  • High Level of Prolactin 

A woman takes a lot of stress of being overweight and, it results in a high level of prolactin. The prolactin hormone highly depends on the stress level of a woman. The higher the stress, the higher will be the prolactin. This hormone is a culprit of being overweight.  

  • Health Issues 

Many other health issues can cause the overweight. Women are ready to pay extra bucks if they get the guarantee that they will lose weight. Many companies play with the emotions of women and sell harmful chemicals to them, which is not good for their health. It is advisable to take professional help to reduce weight and, consume pre workout powder for women for better results.  

  • High Blood Pressure 

An overweight woman experience high level of blood pressure. We know that it results in heart issues and, cardiac arrest. We have to monitor the blood pressure as high amount of fat in the body causes low flow of blood. 

Ways to Reduce Weight 

There are many ways that we can adopt to reduce weight. We need to consult with professionals who can guide us in a better way. They also conduct some tests to identify the underlying reasons, which cause weight gain. Moreover, a proper diet plan from a nutritionist can help positively.  

  • Exercise  

Exercise plays a vital role in burning the fat of the body. We have to find out the Body mass index of the body. A professional trainer can help us in guiding the exercise as per our health conditions.  

  • Clean Eating 

Clean eating detox the body and fight against the toxic material present in the body. Green leafy vegetables, fruits and lentils can help in reducing weight. Moreover, we have to add a sufficient amount of protein to our diet. 

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